What To Do When A Window Won’t Lock?

Nov 21,2022

It's much more than the inconvenience of windows that don't close. It could be a security risk to your home. It is crucial to address the issue in the shortest time possible when windows aren't locking or the lock has been damaged. It's possible to pinpoint the reason why the window won't lock by reviewing the most basic troubleshooting procedures. You'll then be able to fix or replace the damaged window lock to fit various window latches.

Troubleshooting Your Windows When It's Not Locking

Before you begin the process of replacing or fixing the lock, you should take a look at the most basic issues that could be the cause of the problem. First, you need to wash your windows in general, focusing on the window jams and the inside of your sill. The accumulation of dirt and debris could cause the window to lock up and stop the window from locking properly.
Locksmith Toronto has observed that with double-hung windows you should make sure you have the windows and the two parts of the lock aligned precisely. Cleaning the sill and the windows can aid in aligning the lock. When the window latches work and are locked, you will feel a bit tight when you move the lock.

If neither of the solutions solves the problem, then it is imperative to protect the window. You can use the tarp or duct tape to shield your window from the elements. To stop thieves from entering, install cameras and alarms on your window in the event that you are incapable of fixing the issue as fast as you'd like.


How To Repair The Broken Window Lock

The reason causing the lock to stop functioning depends on the reason, you might be able to fix the problem without replacing your whole lock. If you first notice when the lock is stuck against the wall make sure you spray it with the lubricant spray. Choose a spray bottle that has an exact nozzle so that you can gain access to the locking mechanism inside.
It is also possible to make use of a cotton swab soaked in the grease to apply it using this method if you prefer. Be sure to wash your hands after applying the grease in the event it comes in contact with your skin.

After spraying, after it has been sprayed then allow it to rest for a while to absorb, and then test whether it has helped. If not, inspect the lock to see if the screws which attach to the lock or another component of the lock have been damaged. If the screws are too loose, make sure they are tightened, and in the event that they are damaged, replace the screws. If the lubricant or the simple maintenance doesn't suffice to fix the broken window lock, you may need to replace the whole thing.

Window Lock Replacement

If your window doesn't lock and you've attempted to determine the reason it may be time to consider replacing the entire mechanism. The experts of Break in Lock Repairs Toronto describe the procedures to follow for a Sash lock. It's also possible to employ locksmith services, but it's not difficult to tackle yourself. Snap a picture of the lock you own prior to going to your local hardware store. This way, you'll be aware of what you should look for when you head to the hardware store.
Make use of a screwdriver to remove all screws holding your lock. Then, take it off. the lock.


The initial step is to replace the lock's support with the windowsill. Most likely, it was fitted with a wedge of plastic. You should use it in the event there's a slope that's visible to windowsills. If you do, make sure there is a stay-bracket that is straight.
Secure the locking nut onto the lower latch of the window to ensure the lock is secured. It's crucial to remember you have to use the kit for window locks. It included the directions of the manufacturer. Make sure to check them out for details on the process of installing it.

Manuel Windows

Gears of the crank are broken: In order to find out whether the issue is connected to the crank which controls the window move it to the left, and if it feels like it's moving, or the car window makes an ear-splitting sound, then most likely the teeth of your crank are worn. If that's the case, you'll have to remove the door panels, and then replace the mechanism of your crank.
The damaged regulator is the device that lifts the window up before pulling it down as the window's crank rotates. Sometimes, something on the door's frame might block the mechanism and cause it to become stuck. It could be worn out over time or, in some instances, it could have the wrong amount of grease. It's necessary to take off the door to determine if there are any issues. If there are it is necessary to fix the problem and replace it or replace the mechanism with lubrication.